Aesthetic Laundry

Aesthetic laundry is a resolutely British brand with a distinctive look that is street meets circus in the best possible way.

Heidi, the effervescent creator of Aesthetic laundry designs for resolutely modern women with a strong sense of fun. She hand makes her glorious tasselled tracksuits in the East London studio from which she also markets and posts them out to customers across the world. Heidi’s customer base is as unique as her own sense of style, super vlogger Zoella, radio 1 style queen Clara Amfo and country music babe of babes Kacey Musgraves number amongst her fans. Aesthetic Laundry is the sort of inclusive brand that disregards gender, race and body shape, the only prerequisite for customers is the desire to look cool in comfort.  Each piece is ethically produced and made to be worn and treasured. Heidi makes garments that paired with wellies and glitter will happily take you to Glastonbury or Lost village but are equally at home with fluffy slippers and a boxset on the sofa.

Heidi’s brand ethos is clear from her instagram cool, comfortable and colourful, the bright, tassled jumpers caught my eye instantly, though I confess its the navy one I’m covetting. I discovered this inclusive label and its absolute babe of a girl boss through the wonderfully modern medium of social media. We are both members of a fabulously female creative collective called The Coven which incidentally is a hotbed of independent, ethical, woman-centric entrepreneurship and a fantastic place to discover indie design talent, but thats a whole other story.

Heidi’s personality is woven inextricably throughout her social media. Instantly recognisable and always on brand, I was almost certain I had met the designer before. There was something very familiar about her, East London is full of creative types, so I figured maybe we had a passing acquaintance or a mutual friend. It wasn’t until I saw a clip of a naked blonde girl in the wilds of Hackney hiding from a passing police car in a bus shelter with only a plastic crate to protect against the elements I realised where I knew her from. Heidi took part in a bonkers social experiment/ documentary for channel 4 in which she agreed to relinquish all possessions including her clothes and phone for 21 days.

I love Aesthetic laundry, her jumpers are delectable, I also love the ‘wunderpouch’ – an essential travel companion created and sold exclusively by Heidi that I have totally neglected to mention in this post, but you can find it here. Heidi is a massive babe, her brand is quintessentially British and effortlessly cool and if you haven’t already you should go follow her and peruse her colourful wares immedietly!


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